Support Cancer Research & Early Detection!

Our team here at Yarborough Insurance Agency is proud to announce our support for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.

Did you know that an estimated total of 176,200 people in the US were diagnosed with leukemia, lymphoma or myeloma in 2019? Thanks to investments in research efforts for new treatments and cures, 5-year survival rates have increased by more than 40% since the 1960s and we want to make sure they continue this upward trend.

Today I want to tell you a little bit about Evelyn, 5th-grade elementary school teacher and her overcoming story. Evelyn was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer, called non-Hodgkin lymphoma. At first, the news devastated her and her family but Evelyn found the courage within to look ahead, keep her spirits alive, and face chemotherapy. Once her treatment was over, Evelyn eventually went back to the classroom. Her students were all curious about her hair, or better yet, lack thereof. Evelyn decided to share her story with the class and, to her surprise, the next day students brought her gifts! It was a truly heartfelt moment for her and she felt the love and support from so many people in the school and from her student’s parents too!

A few weeks later Evelyn received some good news that her cancer went into remission. Call us to find out how you can support cancer patients! We will help!

Recommend your friends, family, and co-workers to get an insurance quote from us and we’ll donate $10 on your behalf for every person you recommend! It’s that easy!!!

They just need to receive a quote – there is no obligation to purchase.

Getting involved has never been so simple, or Free!

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