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Today I want to tell you a little bit about Eli… I can’t quite find the words to fully explain the deep sadness in my heart to have lost my friend. I also don’t know how to explain to my daughter, Ella that she has lost her little friend too. I hope to live up to Eli’s memory and I know that his story can inspire so much gratefulness in the lives of others.

You see, Eli loved all sports: SC Gamecocks, Boston Red Sox, and enjoyed Camp Kemo! He always had a nice way to make me and others around him smile. Every time we were together, it was a fun time. Eli leaves behind a great and loving brother Jacob, and his amazing parents Chris and Robyn who are one of the most resilient and loving people I’ve met. Eli, I can say with confidence that you have been a beacon of light in the lives of those you touched, including mine, and I will never forget you! My only comfort now is knowing that Eli is playing in heaven  ????????????????????????  #EliStrong.

We invite you to take an active role in helping Camp Kemo at PRISMA Health Children’s hospital. Many families are hurting right now because of a little one who is sick and you can help provide these courageous families with some help. Please join us.

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